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Shannon the Bee vs. the Caladium Festival

Hello again, everyone! Wow, July seemed to just fly by, right? No? Well, it did for me seeing how coaching/swim season has started and I’m starting to find myself back on “normal” people’s schedule (meaning I get up before 10 o’clock now). It’s getting to the point where I’m realizing more and more how close the beginning of school really is and how my schedule is going to be not as flexible anymore – and I’m trying not to fret over that aspect too much! Truth is, I’m pretty excited about the new school year because my Art 1 curriculum has basically been done since last school year and I’ll just be adding some polishing touches to it (more group activities) and, hopefully, a field trip to the Chihuly Collection in St. Pete! And while my Art 2 is in need of some revising and I don’t have my Art 3 curriculum anywhere close to done, I know where I want to take the classes and I’m not afraid of testing out new activities. If it works, great! How can we make it better? And if it doesn’t, t

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